Connie Wilde


Students should be studying genetic vocabulary nightly to be ready for a test on Friday, February 23, 2018.  They should also practice working on Punnett Squares and reading their study sheet over.


Our sixth graders have been using the Punnett Square to predict the genotype and phenotype of offspring based on their parents' genotypes. 

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Our current science unit is about reproduction and growth. It focuses on how systems interact between plants and animals and how plants have specialized structures and animals have specific behaviors to help aid reproduction. It includes how environmental and genetic factors can affect growth.

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Our students had the opportunity to work with Dr. Garcia Sega.  The students experimented with bacteria.  They worked in groups and grew bacteria in ideal conditions, creating a control group (97 degrees F).  Students made plates which Dr. Garcia Sega took to her lab to make sure the conditions were just right for growth.  Students chose one variable to change and grew the same bacteria in another environment--room temperature (72 degrees F), refrigeration (50 degrees F), or added heat (122 degrees F). They created a hypothesis in which they predicted how they thought their variable would grow in comparison to the control group.  After two days the students were able to compare their two plates of bacteria to see which grew better--the control group or the variable!  They wrote a conclusion for their experiment based on the results of their bacterial growth.

Social Studies
Students have been learning about the Maya and the Aztec civilizations.  At the end of this quarter they will explore the similarities and differences between the Maya, Aztec and Inca  people.